My ASUS Notebook Experience – Never buy an ASUS Notebook Computer

Yes – I cheap-ed out – I wanted to something affordable for the kidos so they can do their homework, watch Netflix, surf the web etc. So, I bought two ASUS X200CA touch screen laptops at Best Buy for about $250 ea. I trusted the ASUS brand as I had always used their motherboards and never had any issues.  In short the computers worked really well, until the charging port busted. I immediately blamed the kids for being rough and not taking care of them until I realized their computers mostly sat on their desks and were occasionally brought downstairs. It turns out the repeated connecting and disconnecting of the power adapter over the course of a year, loosened the solder points on the main board. What was more concerning, is that both machines busted around the same time. If you search Google for ASUS and charging port issues, the internet is filled with complaints AND even repair guides covering this topic. I contacted ASUS to see see if they would help, but my warranty just expired. I was hoping they would lean on the side of good faith. I inquired about known issues and pointed to the fact that these units are prone to problems regarding the design of the charging port and that there is much proof abound – in short they did not care and basically told me to go pound sand. So I attempted to replace the ports on the main board, but it wasn’t as easy as I hoped. What a disappointment! A brand I trusted for years completely left me at the altar. This has put such a bad taste in my mouth – I utterly refuse to buy another ASUS product again. So ASUS in short you can go piss up a rope, I’m done with you!

In fact – I need the data off the hard drive so here is a little video showing you how much care I took taking it out.

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